Carnival Theme 2020:    
“Pioneers and Adventurers” 
This year, as I am sure you know, is Mayflower 400 in Plymouth.  To tie in with that - if anyone fancies being a Pilgrim Father! - the Club has chosen “Pioneers and Adventurers” as the theme for 2020.  We hope this gives a really wide range of people and subjects from which to choose:
- maybe the astronauts who explored space and landed on the moon
- more modern day explorers such as Bear Grylls and Sir Ranulph Fiennes
- pioneers in our social history, the suffragettes for example or pioneers in medicine
- adventurers from fiction like Indiana Jones
And so on!
But it is all your ideas and fantastic entries that we are really looking forward to seeing at the Parade on July 18th 2020

Next year’s Carnival Day will be Saturday 18thJuly 2020 and the theme will be:

“Pioneers and Adventurers”
Carnival Princess        


And here they are in their wonderful coach, thanks to the brilliant Richard Marlow!  Thanks Helen Bowyer for the photo!

Traffic Arrangements

The main closure is to Down Road which we close from 1630 to 1830. This is to allow the parade with its tractors and trailers, lorries and hundreds of walkers, to form up and to protect any stray children that might run into the road.

When the parade starts at 1830 we close Whitchurch road between Down Road and Abbey place, but open it again when the parade has cleared into Abbey Place (about 20 - 25 minutes). We then close off roads as the parade approaches and these will be Plymouth road between Bedford Square and Canal road, Russell Street and then West Street between the junction with Fore street and Bedford square. Finally we close Duke street between Bedford square and Vigo Bridge and Market Road where the parade disperses. See below for a link to a copy of the Traffic Control Order which gives all the detail. Note that, although we have set times for the road closures we try to minimise and inconvenience to motorists by not closing roads until the parade approaches and opening them once it has passed.

You may have also noticed the many no parking signs that we have put up around the route. We need this to allow the big tractors and trailers and lorries to negotiate the route safely and also to allow spectators to see the parade.

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