Here are the details of the story-telling:

Carnival Procession 2019

This year's Carnival Procession will take place on Saturday the 20th July, and the theme is "Children's Books," and we would love you all to join us again this year. 

Here's your link to the Carnival Entry Form

Here's your link to the Procession Information

Here's a link to the Health and Safety Advice

Here's a link to a Carnival Procession Covering Note

We wouldn’t want to  ‘book’ (sorry!) themes for any of the entries, but you might like to know that so far we have had as possible books to feature - Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood (or variation on that theme!), Robin Hood Railway Children, The Hungry Caterpillar, Mr Men Thomas the Tank Engine, characters from Roald Dahl, a book of Children's Stories, Where's Wally?,  Peter Pan, Jungle Book, Apple Tree Farm and of course, Elmer the Elephant. (we will update this section as we hear from you.)


We only made a few changes last year, mainly to keep the assembly and judging times as short as possible.  By and large they seemed successful, so we plan to stick with the same this year:

  • The timings are all aimed so that the procession enters Whitchurch Road at 6.30 pm.  To achieve this all entrants wishing to be judged must be assembled by 5 pm, judging will start at 5.15 pm and will complete such that the front of the procession can start to move from the top of Down Road at 6.10 pm. Remember, you need to be assembled for the start of the judging, but not much earlier.  
  • Judging will continue as a key element of the procession and will be done in Down Road.  Like last year, prize money will not be awarded to the winners but we will continue to make a donation to all participants in recognition of their support.  Trade entries will be asked to nominate a local charity. Trophies and certificates will be presented to the class winners, and like last year, we intend to give all entries a certificate in recognition of their participation, and our appreciation of their efforts.  Feedback from previous years has included comment that the smaller groups feel unable to compete with the larger entrants such as the schools,  to address this last year we decided that we should have a separate category for schools, and amend the numbers slightly in the others.  This seems to have been favourably received, so we intend to keep the categories the same this year, ie:
    • Schools - Primary Schools or above
    • Decorated Float or Group of Vehicles
    • Walking Class 1 - up to 10 people
    • Walking Class 2 - 11 people or more 
    • Walking Class 3 (any number with accompanying decorated vehicle)
    • Trade

Music is always a key element of the procession and we always encourage as many of you as possible to include this, and many do.  Later, in your entrants form, we will be asking that you let us know if music is part of your entry, this will help us when we assemble the running order of the procession.  Please make it as lively and loud as possible.


We very much appreciate your support and if you want any help or support please contact us.  These email addresses will do (,, and  In addition Tavistock Scrapstore have kindly offered to provide material support to entrants, so please contact them directly ( if this would be of help.  We are very much looking forward to this year's Carnival, the enthusiasm and look of joy on peoples faces makes it all worthwhile. Please encourage as many people as possible to take part and attend, by word of mouth, social media etc.  The more the merrier!


As you may be aware this year  Ecofest is being held in the meadows during the day, we very much see this as a positive event and in-line with our aspirations to enhance the day and bring as many people into Tavistock as possible.  We are working hard with some other groups to provide some pre and post carnival entertainment, all with the intention of making the day even better.  We will keep you informed as these ideas firm up.


Here's hoping for a sunny evening this year.

Carnival Princess
he Carnival is getting nearer!  The theme of Children’s Books really seems to have caught the imagination!!
Now it is time to start thinking about the Carnival Princess and her attendants.  This is a wonderful opportunity as it provides a lot of fun and excitement as well as boosting confidence.
Here is the entry form which will also be in the Tavy Times.
So you can enter by sending the entry form by post to Gail our organiser-
or download it from our website
and email to Gail
or just email her the information as required on the form
The choosing of the Princess and her attendants will be on Thursday May 16th in the TASS Anchorage Centre at 6.00pm.  Note change of venue.
Here are last year’s princess and her attendants who look like they are having a great time!

Carnival 2018
"The best procession for years"
Here are some great pictures from James Bird, with his permission and that of the Tavistock Times Gazette.

Carnival 2018

The success of Tavistock town relays in Carnival Week concluded with the presentation of a bumper cheque for Tavistock Lions last week. President Jan Meakin and Alan Wroath from the Lions received £1,500 from various Tavistock Athletic Club members, young and old, representing all abilities for which the club caters. This donation goes directly back into local community projects and good causes at the heart of Tavistock. 

Club chairman Alistair Kinsey  who handed over the cheque said ‘Events like the town relays are what make Tavistock special, a community coming together producing a sporting spectacle with a fun filled running event and sportsmanship in the heart of this vibrant town.’ 

Event sponsor, Tavistock Hire Centre, was represented by Craig Howells at the presentation. Their support gave the financial clout to allow this year’s event to proceed, giving hundreds of runners of all ages, family and friends the evening they deserve. Planning for next year’s event is under way already with a challenge to make it even bigger and brighter by attracting more sports, school and corporate teams.

Did you miss our wonderful Concert in the Church??
Here are some excerpts!

Excerpts from Tavistock Lions 2018 carnival concert ‎(1)‎.mp4

All the results

Baby Show (sponsored by Duke’s Coffee House and Boots)

 Under 1 year winners:       Benjamin Hunter from Tavistock          

 Over 1-year winner:           Binky Oliver from Tavistock         

 Judges: Ruth Kelly and Jan Steer of Boots, Tavistock


Fun Day Dog Show (organised by Cheryl Thomas of Kestrel Kennels)

Best in Pedigree Classes: 

Bowden – a fox red labrador exhibited by Isobel Bevan

Reserve: Lady – a saluki exhibited by June Baker

Best in Novelty Classes: 

Poppy – a german shepherd exhibited by Pete Jarman

Reserve: Rudy – a cross collie/springer/ beagle exhibited by Alana Steels

Judges: Jane & Michael O’Hara


Pavement Artists Competition (sponsored by Tavistock Times Gazette)

Under 5 years: Winner:Ted Coates  2nd:   Lyra Blowey

                         3rd:    Evie Peek

 5-8 years:        Winner: Dibeh Alaoui     2nd:  Ruby Harding

                         3rd:     Iris Harding

9 and over:       Winner: Leah Kite  2nd:   Damien Bowyer

                         3rd:     Gracie Young

 Adults:             Winner:   Helen Bowyer

 Judges: Lianne Hunt and Alison Stephenson from the Tavistock Times Gazette


 Petanque Competition (with 6 teams)

Winners: Tavistock Town Council A (Mayor and Mayoress Paul & Jane Ward and Councillor Andy Hutton)


Trader’s Skittles Competition (with 10 local businesses at the Explorer)

 Winners: Cakes, Bakes and Shakes


Carnival Programme Flag Competition Winners 

(each receiving £25)

Keri Walker, Rosie Walker, Ben Walker and Kate Harding (all from Tavistock)


Many thanks to the traders and advertisers for displaying the flags


Carnival Procession


Best in Procession: Tavistock Church Schools Federation (St. Peter’s & St. Rumon’s)

Schools:                           1st:    Tavistock Church Schools Federation (St. Peter’s & St. Rumon’s)

Decorated float or  Group of vehicles  1st:    Vintage Tractors

Walking Class 1:              1st     1st Tavistock Scout Group

Walking Class 2:              1st:    TAGB Taekwondo

Walking Class 3:              1st:    TASS




The winners of Best in Procession receive a perpetual shield and a trophy to keep.

The Carnival theme was “Countries of the World”

The collection on the procession route, which took 25 people just over 2 hours to count, was  £2185.98 which was around £100 up on last year

The collection consisted of 46,957 coins made up of 21,508 - 1p, 14,725 - 2p, 6028 - 5p, 1,782 - 10p, 2,084 - 20p, 346 - 50p, 456 - £1, 28 - £2, £95 in notes plus a selection of foreign coins!

The profits will be distributed to the charity groups, clubs and schools that participated in the procession and the other events during Carnival Week 

Carnival Programme 2018

Traffic Arrangements

The main closure is to Down Road which we close from 1630 to 1830. This is to allow the parade with its tractors and trailers, lorries and hundreds of walkers, to form up and to protect any stray children that might run into the road.

When the parade starts at 1830 we close Whitchurch road between Down Road and Abbey place, but open it again when the parade has cleared into Abbey Place (about 20 - 25 minutes). We then close off roads as the parade approaches and these will be Plymouth road between Bedford Square and Canal road, Russell Street and then West Street between the junction with Fore street and Bedford square. Finally we close Duke street between Bedford square and Vigo Bridge and Market Road where the parade disperses. See below for a link to a copy of the Traffic Control Order which gives all the detail. Note that, although we have set times for the road closures we try to minimise and inconvenience to motorists by not closing roads until the parade approaches and opening them once it has passed.

You may have also noticed the many no parking signs that we have put up around the route. We need this to allow the big tractors and trailers and lorries to negotiate the route safely and also to allow spectators to see the parade.

In 2018 the theme is 'Countries of the World', celebrating the diversity of our world!

Carnival Day is Saturday July 21st but Carnival Week begins the previous Saturday, July 14th, with a Ceilidh/Barn Dance in the Tavistock Town Hall. 


 Carnival Princess


We now have our Carnival Princess and her attendants;  Emily Tripp (centre) will be the Princess, with Tilly Young (left) and Verona-May Peters (right) her attendants.

And here they are in their wonderful coach, thanks to the brilliant Richard Marlow!  Thanks Helen Bowyer for the photo!

Welcome to Tavistock Carnival Procession!


Here are links to three documents:


  1. The Carnival Procession Information Sheet - giving details of the assembly times and the route.


  1. The Carnival Procession Entry Form - Judging will continue as a key element of the procession and will be done in Down Road.  Feedback from previous years has included comment that the smaller groups feel unable to compete with the larger entrants such as the schools.  To address this we have decided that we should have a separate category for schools, and amend the numbers slightly in the other categories (these are detailed on the Entry Form included in this pack).   The winner of each category, and the overall “Best in Procession” awards will be presented in Down Road.  All entrants will receive a certificate in recognition of their commitment, enthusiasm and support, but for practical reasons this will be forwarded to them within a week or so after the Carnival. 

Please help us by completing and returning the form as soon as possible. It may be completed and returned in hard copy, or completed on-line and returned by e-mail.


  1. A Health & Safety Leaflet This has been produced to provide guidance, in layman’s language, on the basics that you must consider in order that you do your bit to ensure the procession proceeds in a safe manner.  Please remember that no objects are to be thrown from the floats and no alcohol is to be consumed during the procession.


Music is always a key element of the procession and we always encourage as many of you as possible to include this, and many do.  On your Entry Form, we ask that you let us know if music is part of your entry as this will help us when we assemble the running order of the procession.  Please make it as lively and loud as possible.


Our aim continues to be to make the procession a Fun Event for the people taking part, and for the people watching.  Please encourage as many people as possible to come along, and visit us at on Facebook (  We appreciate your enthusiastic support and we are looking forward to a great evening.