Saturday November 2nd

Fireworks 2019
The Lions' Fireworks display this year is on November 2nd at 7pm in the Meadows. 
Two Tigers will again be putting on one of their award winning displays so something to look forward to!
Over the past five years the cost of fireworks has roughly doubled because of the weakness of the pound and improved Health and Safety regulations in China.  We have kept our prices the same for a number of years, but with over £4,000 worth of fireworks this year, we need to make what we hope you agree, are small increases to admission charges.
So on the gate, adults will be £6 and children under 16 £2 – an increase of a £1.  However we are also introducing a family ticket for two adults and two children under 16 at £15.
Another way that you can save money is to buy tickets in advance.  These will be available from Shields DIY, The Pet Emporium, Ron’s Pets, and Fairway Furniture - adults: £5  and under 16s: £1.50.
The Lions organise this event so that everyone can see a safe and spectacular display.  Our aim is always to raise money for charity but this event is more about covering our costs so that we don’t compromise all the good causes we want to support.
Hope the weather improves for November 2nd

A great display this year thanks to Two Tigers!

A reasonable evening so nearly £3000 raised for local good causes.
This year the fireworks cost nearly £4000 so if it had been very wet, we could have lost money - the good weather tends to balance the bad!
There seemed to be even more people this year watching from the road - unfortunately the money for the fireworks has to come from somewhere!!

The Lions Club now organises one of the few public displays in the area and this usually takes place in Tavistock Meadows on the nearest Saturday to 1st November. The Club considers this to be a community service rather than a fund raising event by providing a safe venue and spectacular display for local families.

For further details, contact: 0845 8334807

Last year's display was acclaimed as the best yet - see our facebook page for some amazing pictures and video!