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Dog Show

Dog Show August 1st 2021
We had a Dog Show in the Meadows on Sunday 1st August.
Here are the results:

Class 1 Any variety of puppy (6 to 12 months) Winner: Chris Panter with Bonnie - a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Class 2 Any variety of  (over 12 months)  Winner: Tina Stonehouse with Harley - a Golden Retriever
Class 3 Any variety non-sporting Winner: Abby Williams with Ozzy - a Rottweiler
Class 4 Any variety sporting Winner: Rod Parish with Piran - a Black Labrador

Poodle Cross
Class 5 Any variety of puppy (6 to 12 months) Winner Olivia Scutt with Heidi - a Cavapoo
Class 6 Any variety of  (over 12 months) Winner: Sue Grimbley with Dora - a Cavapoo

Crossed Breed (other than a poodle)
Class 7 Any variety of puppy (6 to 12 months) Winner: Delilah Toms with Pig - a Pug/French Bull Dog

Class 8 Any variety of  (over 12 months) Winner: Ann Sturtride with Teddy - a Border Terrier/Cairn

Best in Show: Chris Panter with Bonnie   

Reserve Best in Show: Sue Grimbley with Dora

Novelty Classes
Class 9 Best child handler Winner: Amelie with Willow
Class 10 Best rescued dog Winner: Andy Stonehouse with Kato
Class 11 Best condition dog Winner: Emma Scutt with Heidi
Class 12 Best veteran dog Winner: Emma Musto with Colby
Class 13 Best tail wagger Winner: Tim Randall with Pepper
Class 14 The dog with the most appealing eyes Winner: Lee Webb with Humphrey
Class 15 The dog the judge wild like to take home Winner Rob Bague with Hector

Best in Novelty: Rob Bague with Hector  

Reserve Best in Novelty: Amelie Henderson with Willow

Here's a photo of our judge Jade Curtis with the little dog she would like to take home with her!!!!

Here was the Schedule!