Peace Poster Competition 2022-3

Over 400 entries and some great posters!

The winner was Meredith Richardson from Tavistock College and her entry will now go forward to the South West District for judging!

Peace Poster 2022.mp4

Tavistock Lions Peace Poster Competition 2021-22

What brilliant posters we had again for this year's Competition!

There were 296 entries!!

Peace Posters 2021-22

Tavistock Lions Peace Poster Competition 2020-21

Brilliant to hear that Freya Whiting was the best in the South West in the Lions' International Peace Poster Competition.  This year’s title was Peace through Service. This was a great poster and really deserved to win.  Unfortunately it wasn't chosen as the UK's entry but to be the best in the huge area from Bristol down and across to Dorset is a fantastic achievement!


If you are older, you may know all about the Lions’ Peace Poster Competition.  You may have already done a poster in the past.  Maybe you won a prize!

If you don’t know about it, the Competition has been running for 30+ years.  Lions’ Clubs from all over the world take part.

However, with the Covid19 virus changing the way we live at the moment right across the world, we are going to run a very different competition in Tavistock this year.

What you need to do!

First of all have a look at these web pages.  First there are the posters from our local schools over the last few years.  Then there are the amazing international winners from last year and since the competition started. jpeg is best, although we can just about cope withent-winners

Now have a think about your poster.  This year’s title is Peace through Service.  What does that mean to you?

In Lions we would say service is about helping people, doing things in our community so that people come together and have fun – like the Carnival or Fireworks display -  or raising money for Charity or good causes – giving our time for others.  There are many people who are giving wonderful service at this moment.

Look ‘service’ up in a dictionary.  Now, how are you going to get across your idea of what Peace through Service might look like?


Here’s the good news!  There aren’t any!  You can draw, you can paint, you can use the computer, you can make a model – any way you like of getting your idea across.  You can use any size of paper.  You can enter as many times as you like! 

We are expecting the age group to be up to 13 but if anyone older fancies having a go, they will be very welcome!

We would prefer you to let the picture or image tell us the story without using any words but no one will be disqualified for doing it!

The competition will run from Monday 27th April until Friday 19th June.


How do I enter?

This is all online.  So you take a photo of your poster/model on your phone or camera, or scan it and email it to your school if they have told you they are taking part.

Otherwise, send your entry to

JPEG is best but we can just about cope with a PDF.

Get your parents or carers to approve it.  Please tell them that the entries will be forwarded to us from schools without email addresses.

If posters come to us directly we shall only keep the email addresses for the duration of the competition so that we can contact you if we need to.  They will absolutely not be used for anything else, stored or passed to any third party.


We shall have a few small prizes for the best posters and the overall winners. 

As we receive them from you we shall choose some to put on our Facebook page and Website.  We should like to put your name, age and school with it.  Please tell us if you don’t want those details to be published in that way.

Here are posters we have received so far....

Peace Posters 2020

2019 Competition
Here is a presentation with the winning school entries.
The theme was Journey for Peace.  There were 415 entries!
We were delighted that the Saskia Whiting's poster was judged second best in the whole of the South West!

Peace 2019.mp4

2018 Competition
Here is a presentation with the winning school entries.
The theme was Kindness Matters.  There were 450 entries!

Photo Album

The winner was Bethan West  from Tavistock College.

Peace Posters 2017

Peace Posters 2017

We have had 430 entries this year 2016-7 for our Peace Poster Competition - the highest entry ever with some of the best posters ever, too!
Click here to see the winners and runners up.
Here are the winning entries to go forward to the South West District for judging in this international competition.  We think they are great!  The theme was Celebrating Peace
Stop Press
Tierney's poster was judged third in the whole of the South West!!
Shannon Argue - Tavistock College

Tierney Robinson - Horrabridge Community Primary chool