As you would expect from a fund-raising organisation, the club runs a wide variety of events every year, including the ever popular Carnival Week, which culminates with the grand procession of floats through the town.

Below, you'll find details of the many events we're involved with, which form part of our annual events calendar.

The following larger events have their own pages which can be accessed by clicking the links on the left.
  • Tavistock Carnival Week
  • Firework Display
  • Trees of Light
  • Peace Poster
In addition to these larger events, the club also organises other events and fund-raisers during the year. Here are a few of the more popular!

Summer and Christmas Draws

These are organised to raise money for local charities with tickets being sold by club members at supermarkets and other places in Tavistock over the weekends leading up to the draws. At Christmas, beneficiaries are usually children's charities and youth projects. The Summer Draw takes place on Carnival Day.