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We are very proud to belong to Lions International, the largest Service Organisation in the World.
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We hope that through the events we organise and the money we raise for local charities and good causes, we can help to make Tavistock the special place it is!

Tony Welsh  President 2019-20

Our Club in 2017!

Our President introduces Prince Charles to Community Organisations during the Royal Visit in Carnival Week .

Our Next EventThursday 26th September
Join Tavistock Town Guide Simon Dell on one of his popular Tavistock Curiosities strolls. We will meet at 7.00 pm outside of the Town Museum at Court Gate. Simon is doing this walk to raise funds for the Tavistock Lions Club charity so you just pay your £5 fee to our representative.
The Curiosities walk will look at all those little oddities in town which you might have walked past but failed to look at, such as the Monk who keeps an eye on the cashpoint machine and the ghostly lane that is now buried as well as the row of cottages that you can not see.
This is a gentle walk mainly on the flat and follows the footsteps of Queen Catherine of Aragon – and which street is named after a Member of Parliament who never visited Tavistock??
Simon will again bring the history of our town to life, all for a good charitable cause, in a walk which is usually about an hour and a half – unless you also want to see our claim to fame being associated with the Marconi telegraph cable to America?!
Tavistock’s curious history is an enlightening look at a town you thought you knew well!

Our next BBQ will be for the Tavi Specials!

Fireworks 2019
Join us for another great evening of fireworks on Saturday November 2nd in the Meadows, starting promptly at 7.00 pm!  Details to follow.

Recent Events
Carnival 2019

 For all the results of the Carnival go to our Carnival Week page!

 Here are pictures from the wonderful Carnival Procession of 2019!

Carnival 2019

Peace Poster 2019
Posters from this year's competition can now be found on the Peace Poster page.


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